Call for Local Artists for P2G Program

The Jewish Agency’s Partnership2Gether peoplehood platform has become the paradigm for successfully partnering global Jewish communities directly with Israeli communities—the majority of which are in national priority areas. Communities share ideas, strengths, challenges and models of success; and empower one another to generate waves of change. But the impact of these projects goes far beyond the community level—each of us has the opportunity to become directly and personally involved. Our consortium actively participates in cultural exchanges, teacher exchanges, teen exchanges, leadership programming and other activities which build relationships between our US cities (Charlotte, NC, Charleston, SC, Chattanooga, TN, Flagler and Volusia Counties, FL, Fort Meyers, FL, Pinellas County, FL, Jacksonville, FL, Knoxville, TN, Nashville, TN, and Richmond, VA) and the Hadera- Eiron Region of Israel.

This letter is a call to artists in Israel and the United States to enter into a creative partnership in order to create a work for exhibition. The project has been initiated by artists in our consortium.

In each of 2012 and 2013, the Southeast Consortium and Hadera-Eiron Partnership Region sponsored exhibits which were on view in both Israel and the United States. Building on this past history, but wishing to develop closer relationships between artists in the Israel and the United States, the Partnership is expanding the exhibition concept. We are planning this exhibit to coincide with the P2G Celebration in Israel in April 2016, with the intent that the artwork would be available to travel for approximately 18 months.   

Eligibility:  Artists living and/or working in the Hadera-Eiron region in Israel and the Partnership cities in the South-East of the US. Each Israeli artist will be paired with a U.S. artist, not necessarily by similar media. Artists will be asked to participate, as partners, in an educational on-line program about the Psalms which will take place over five sessions or more at their chosen and has been tailor-made for this project. The artist pair will select a Psalm and enter into a creative partnership, to produce two individual but related pieces, or if the pair chooses they can create one joint piece. Works to be exhibited will not include pieces which are disrespectful with content that is political, sexual or includes black humor.

Size limitations for two dimensional pieces   50X50 cm / 19X19 inches                                                        

Size limitations for three dimensional pieces 40X40X40cm /15X15X15 inches                                               

Total weight of no more than 8kg / 17pounds 

There is an Exhibition Committee with members from both Israel and the US, working in tandem. The Exhibition Committee will function from beginning to end of the project, although some committee members may have specific or limited participation during that span. 

Your local Federation will select the participating artists from your region. 

Information needed to submit: CV and electronic images up to four pieces of your current work. Please select pieces showing the materials you are proposing to use for this project. This information needs to be sent to your local Federation (contact information below). 
When you submit your Interest to Participate  along with your CV and electronic images you will be asked: Will you be willing to donate your finished art work to the Partnership with the understanding that it will be sold to benefit additional programs?  __yes ___no

Timeline: These are approximate dates and may be subject to change.
August 15, 2015    Deadline for your Interest to Participate (CV and electronic images) to your local Federation.

September 1, 2015     Decision on your participation
September 20, 2015      Match between Israeli and US artists
October 6, 2015      Begin Psalms Course
February 1, 2016    Finished work to your local Federation for photographing and shipping
February 10, 2016      Work leaves the US for Israel
March 6, 2016        Work in Israel
March 30, 2016      Exhibition Opening in Israel

Artists will be responsible for packing the completed artwork so that it can ship and travel safely, the artist are also responsible for self-insuring the pieces. 

Your local Federation will be responsible for shipping the artwork to Israel.  Our consortium will be responsible for return shipping if needed.

There will be some form of professional documentation of the exhibit.
For more information, contact Doni Fogel or 804-545-8626.


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