RJCL Makes a Difference for Area Students

Children are our greatest asset! The Richmond Jewish Coalition for Literacy (RJCL) works to make a difference for children here, in Israel, and around the world. The Jewish Community Federation of Richmond supports the RJCL.

For over 15 years, the RJCL has worked with Richmond Public Schools and Swansboro Elementary School providing mentors, volunteers and support for the students and teachers. We are also a part of the Micah Initiative which is, “A partnership of faith communities with elementary Richmond Public Schools that encourages mentoring, tutoring and volunteering through its vibrant network of more than 130 faith communities and 23 schools, so that every child believes, ‘I’m valuable.’”
Volunteering at Swansboro has been meaningful, rewarding, significant and profound to me and the over 50 women and men who come into the school. We can see the difference we make in enriching the lives and educational needs of these students. As the co-leader of the volunteer efforts, I hear from the mentors, teachers and school administration that we make a difference to these children. Our volunteers read to the children, help with homework and classwork, host a “Book Tasting” event, participate in Read-Across-America, take them to community theatre, and a wealth of other activities.
I am personally moved to make a difference and volunteer. It takes a lot - emotionally, physically and mentally - to get in the trenches and touch the lives of these precious children. Every school in Richmond has great need for volunteers. I hope my efforts can get others to rise to the challenge and get involved … volunteer… make a difference in the life of a needing child!

Robin Jackson is a longtime volunteer of the RJCL. 


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